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Image by Joan Gamell
Programming and Configuration  
Control System Programming and Configuration is the bread and butter of Reforged Controls. Whether it is DCS, PLC/SCADA or integrating that weird 3rd party device, we can handle it.
Field Engineering 
Often the hardest part of upgrading or improving your Control System is knowing what is out there in the first place. At Reforged Controls, we relish the challenge of “control system archaeology”. This is the process of verifying field wiring/configuration and reverse engineering all the little “black boxes” that have accumulated over the years. Legacy does not scare us.
Design and Development
From Instrument Design to System Architecture, and everything in between, Reforged Controls can provide control system design services to bring your ideas to life. Our experience in the process industries allows us to ask the right questions and identify the key details that make the difference between an effective and ineffective control solution.
Migrations and Upgrades 
PLC-5 to ControlLogix? TDC-3000 to Experion? Something else? Let Reforged Controls help you bring your system into the modern world! Our systematic approach speeds up the migration process, minimizes human error, utilizes modern capabilities, and reduces cost.
 On-Call Services
Don’t have enough work to justify your own Control Engineer? Reforged Controls offers On Call Service Agreements, so you can get help when you need it.
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