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Selected Projects

Just a few of the projects our team members have been part of.

Refinery Tank Farm
Tank Farm Control Update

BP Cherry Point, Blaine, WA

Industry: Refining

Technology: Honeywell Experion, TDC, TI-505, Profibus

Services: Design, Migration, Programming/Config, Start-up

The refinery Tank Farm and Logistics controls were upgraded from a Honeywell CLM utilizing a Modbus network of TI-505 PLC’s to Honeywell C300 controllers. The TI-505 PLC processors were removed, and the I/O was reused through a Profibus network saving approximately $8 million.

The migration work eliminated non-standard wiring, unfinished or incorrectly configured control strategies, and peer to peer communication. System integrity was improved by eliminating standalone PLC processors from a variety of vendors and moving all control functions into a common C300 controller.

Remote Pump Station Telemetry and On Call Services

City of Snohomish, Snohomish, WA

Industry: Water/Wastewater

Technology: CompactLogix, Wonderware TI-505, Radio Telemetry

Services: Design, Programing/Config, Start-up, On-Call

An obsolete Rugid RTU network was replaced with a new PLC/SCADA system. The new system replaced an alarm phone dialer with text message/email alarm notification and added secure remote access to allow the operator to respond more quickly to incidents. The new SCADA system unified the Water Distribution System with the Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection Systems.

In addition to Capital Projects, On-call Control Systems engineering services were provided for all public utilities (WWTP, Wastewater Collection System, Water Treatment Plant). The provided services included controller troubleshooting, setting up secure remote access to control systems, ad hoc system modifications, radio telemetry improvements, historian installation, among others.

Round Butte Selective Water Withdrawal

Portland General Electric, Madras, OR

Industry: Power

Technology: SLC 500,  PanelView

Services: Control Narrative Development, Programming/Config, Start-up

A fully automated, first of a kind, Fish Collection system and Selective Water Withdrawal was built for the Round Butte Dam. This project restored salmon migration paths and allowed the dam to selectively draw surface water to restore the Deschutes River temperatures to pre-dam conditions. PanelView control panels allowed local operators to completely control the system. The project was integrated with the facility SCADA system to allow for operation/monitoring from the central control room and the Selective Water Withdrawal to quickly accommodate changes in generator loading.

This was a fascinating project!  For more information, check out the write-up done by PGE.

Crude By Rail Custody Transfer

BP Cherry Point, Blaine, WA

Industry: Refining

Technology: Honeywell Experion, Emerson ROC, SQL, Kepware

Services: Design, Programming/Config, Integration

An Emerson ROC flow computer was installed to ensure the refinery paid only for offloaded crude oil. The flow computer was integrated into the Honeywell DCS to allow operator control of the custody transfer system. A custom application utilizing Kepware and SQL Server was created. The application captured the batch reports and provided automated retrieval via a custom DCS screen.

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